Project CB250

The task begins…

We’d spent many days now, just looking at the CB250 and trying to imagine what it might become, but we were also itching to get our hands dirty – so we’ve agreed that the first task has to be stripping away anything not bolted down – even some things that ARE bolted down… like seat, tank, lights and body-panels. Even a couple of monkeys should manage that – right? Hmmm… you know it’d be pretty cool too if we can remove that air-box and relocate the battery to free up that nice triangular void described by the frame just behind the motor.

Ok, so its off with the saddle. Off with the side-panels. Tear off the headlamp, indicators and tail light…. This is exciting stuff. Now for the first time, we can really start to get a feel for the ‘bones‘ of our humble donor. It seems we’re really starting to enjoy dismantling stuff  – perhaps a bit too much though …  so I guess this means we need to step back, grab a beer and spend some more time cogitating – or at least thinking about it. Cheers!

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