Project CB250

They say the first cut is the deepest…

We found a potential new tank for the project at Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers with assistance from the ever-enthusiastic Jay. As you can see it’s pretty rusty and dinged up, but the basic shape and size seem to fit well with our (admittedly vague) notions of building some kind of bobber. (Yes, I know last week it was going to be a cafe racer! What can I say – it might even turn out to be a chopper yet.)

After some beer (and plenty of  “shall we/shan’t we”) we just could’t resist the urge to see some sparks so we fired up the angle-grinder and chopped the poor beast’s tail off! Ahh… that’s MUCH better – now we’re getting somewhere! The other monkey is keen to try his hand at building a custom seat for it – that’s just a rough card template in the last pic. Doesn’t look too comfortable does it – maybe it’s just a bit too thin!

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